Trust, Estate, and Legacy Planning

Your legacy deserves an enduring future.

Because having a prepared plan for your family is a gift in itself, we offer a variety of services that can assist in ensuring that your assets are used to safeguard those you care for. As estate and legacy planning subject matter professionals, Cook Legacy Advisors partner with you and your estate attorney to make your legacy as memorable as your family recipes.


Trusts are fiduciary arrangements that specify how your assets will be distributed and can be set up with varying goals in mind. We can help you:


  • Learn about establishing a trust
  • Explore the menu of options for doing so
  • Prepare for meeting with your estate planning attorney

Estate Planning

An estate plan is an important tool for taking care of your family and your assets: an organized, updated plan ensures that your possessions, debt, and taxes are handled according to your wishes. And estate plans can save your family valuable time and resources. We can assist by:


  • Initiating estate planning conversations
  • Educating about varying estate planning concerns, including taxes
  • Preparing you for meeting with your estate planning attorney

Legacy Planning

Legacy planning entails a more encompassing conversation that goes beyond estates and trusts and which aims to secure how you are remembered. We can help:


  • Plan to establish a charitable organization
  • Pass on a family business
  • Discuss various tax scenarios
  • Document your family’s story


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